WhatsOnHerWrist.com is an overall editorial watch blog which will focus primarily on women’s watches, men’s watches from a woman’s perspective, women who hold leadership/executive roles within the watch industry, and women who are watch collectors/lovers. The product pieces are meant to be told with as much emphasis on the stories as on the watches themselves, and often, from a humorous point of view. 

This blog is written solely by Barbara Palumbo: founder and editor at Adornmentality.com, contributor at InStore Magazine, Upscale Living Magazine, WatchTime Mexico, The Watches Magazine, Timeless, The Atlantan, and countless other publications. She hosts the “Barb Wire” podcast on the InStore Podcast Network and is a regular speaker/moderator at industry events such as Dubai Watch Week, the American Gem Society Conclave, and the Gem-A Conference in London. 

Barbara is a twenty-three-year veteran of the jewelry and watch industries and has written for various magazines and blogs throughout her career, earning her two nominations for a Women’s Jewelry Association Award for Excellence in Editorial Media. 

For inquiries or comment, email whatsonherwrist@gmail.com, or contact via social (@whatsonherwrist).




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